How to verify an Electrician’s License

Every home expert has been harping about hiring only licensed electricians to do electrical work. But how can a homeowner verify a prospective electrician’s license? How can he verify the credentials being presented to him by a contractor or by the electrician himself?


In California, the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Contractors License Board has a website where a homeowner can check whether the license presented to him by a contractor is valid. Information about pending complaints can likewise be seen in this webpage. They only need to type in the 8-digit license number presented to them in the portal, and the website will run a check on the data. Here is the link to the website.

When the contractor comes to your house to give you a bid, ask to see his/her pocket license, along with a picture I.D. Make sure the person you’re dealing with is the same person on the license. Contractors also can hire salespeople to work for them. Those people must be registered with CSLB as a Home Improvement Salesperson. Ask to see the registration card, along with a picture I.D. REMEMBERContractors are required to have their license number on their business card and on all bids and contracts. Seeing a license number doesn’t necessarily mean the license is valid.” Read the rest of the CSLB’s reminders in their webpage here.

Third-=Party Service Ratings Website Angie’s List also shared some tips on how to verify the license presented by an electrician contractor. Apart from checking with the state board, they also recommended that the homeowner ask about the contractor’s liability insurance.

“As a secondary step, you can ask for proof of liability insurance. The insurance company can verify the license. Licenses for electrical work are available for individuals or contractors. A contractor must verify that work done by employees meets all code requirements. You should check whether the license is for a contractor or individual. When you are presented with a license, verify that the person’s name matches the name of the license.”

Take a look at the original article here.

When checking a contractor’s license, the homeowner should also verify that the electrician is duly employed by the said contractor, to be sure of the guarantee on the code requirements.

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